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What you can expect to lose when you do not catch 4-of-a-kind or higher.
The row labeled "Hands Per Hour" has 10 columns that show the number of hands per hour that you play. They range from 100 hph to 1000 hph.

The row labeled "Win/Loss Per Hour" shows what you can expect long-term with perfect play.

The row labeled "No RF" is your expected long-term loss per hour if you do not catch a Royal Flush.

The row labeled "No SF" shows your expected long-term loss if you do not catch a Royal Flush or a Straight Flush.

The row labeled "No Quad 2's" is for Deuces Wild games. It shows what your expected long-term loss is if you do not catch a RF or Quad 2's.

All rows below the "No RF" row show the combined cost of ALL rows above the one you are looking at. When you read the number in "No Quad 5-K" in the Double Bonus table this number is the combined cost of NOT catching a (RF), (SF), (Quad 2,3,4), (Quad Aces), or (Quad 5-K) at the number of hands per hour listed at the top of that column.

In the link below "Full Pay DW & Short Pay DW you can compare the cost of playing short pay DW with full pay DW. The only difference in the two games is that full pay is 5 to 1 for quads, and short pay is 4 to 1 for quads. This one coin difference will cost you about 40 dollars per hour at 500 HPH. This is true whether you catch a RF or not. This is also true for expert play or novice. The figures posted reflect perfect play, but novice play on both games would have similar results.

Full Pay DW & Short Pay DW

Cost Per Hour Comparisons

High Variance Game This file shows how costly it can be to chase a RF on a high variance game. The 2 games shown have the same EV. The CPH without a RF is dramatically different.

1-quarter vs 5-nickels Compare the cost of playing full coin 5c to playing short coin 25c.

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