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Different Strategies

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Wrong Strategy
This page shows the loss of EV when not using the correct video poker strategy for the specific game that you are playing. Most players have only learned proper strategy for a few games. This list Wrong Strategy will show the cost of playing various other VP games using strategy for JB, DB, DW, and NSUD.

Full pay strategy is not always correct !
The strategy that most players learn is full pay. I created this list Different Strategy because players have said that they sometimes go to casinos that do not have full pay video poker machines and they play using the strategy that they know (full pay). I assume that if you got this far you understand the cost of playing short pay video poker machines. This list will show that the cost of playing short pay machines is even greater when you use the wrong strategy (full pay). The games listed here show the cost of playing a short pay game using full pay strategy. To find pay schedules corresponding to the % return listed here check this Pay Schedules link.

Using full pay strategy for progressives
On the progressives page I have listed the return for games that have reached 100%, 101%, and 102%. These returns assume that the game is played using the correct strategy for that % return game. When the game is played using strategy for a 4000 coin royal flush the return is almost always lower, as seen on this link Progressive Strategy. On some progressive games I have used strategy from a different game. I have done this because I feel that this is the strategy that would most often be used.