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They list the best VP games in most casinos in the US. It will take you many hours to review all the free information on this site.
vpFREE database

If there is anything that you don't understand about video poker, join this mail group. I have never seen a serious VP question go unanswered.
vpFREE mail group

This site has more VP information that any site I have seen..

This is a java applet that lets you see what to expect (win/loss) when playing various VP games.
Gamblers Ruin

The Wizard of Odds has free VP strategy information for many games.
The Wizard of Odds

Video Poker Tools (Software)

Frugal Video Poker


Optimum Video Poker (also available for Mac)

Frugal Video Poker will print strategy. If you don't have FVP and want to print strategy get TomSki's "VP Strategy Master".
TomSki's VPSM