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The importance of understanding pay schedules.
Learning to read video poker pay schedules can save you as much money as learning to play proper strategy. On the "Cost Per Hour" page I show that changing one of the pay outs only one coin in DW can cost you $40 per hour. For the new player saving money by selecting a high pay schedule is much easier than learning proper strategy. Learning proper strategy is important but finding a high pay schedule only requires that you carry a copy of pay schedules in your pocket. There is nothing to learn.

Low pay DW is not the only game that will cost you money. 9/6 JB has an EV of 99.54%. 8/5 JB has an EV of 97.3%. A difference of more than 2%. 10/7 DB has an EV of 100.17%. 9/6 DB has an EV of 97.81%. A difference of more than 2%. The thing to keep in mind is that your long-term win\loss will reflect this 2%. It does not matter if you play near perfect strategy or if you are a novice that has not had the time to learn proper strategy. 2% of $1.25 per hand does not sound like much money. But consider this. At 600 hph your coin-in is $750 per hour. 2% of $750 is $15. Would you like to have someone give you $15 for every hour of video poker that you have played in your lifetime? How about receiving $15 per hour for all the VP that you are going to play for the rest of your life? This is why I feel it is so important to select the highest pay schedules available.

Pay Schedule Links.
Below are links to over 600 video poker pay schedules. I will add to the list several times a year.

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