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What you will find here.
This video poker information is to help players understand the cost of playing less than full pay VP games.Video Poker help comes in many different forms.The “Odds” page will hopefully answer your questions about video poker odds. The "Pay Schedules" are a lifetime of accumulation. Pay schedules of new games are added periodically. The "Cost per Hour" page shows the cost of playing poor pay schedules. "Different Strategies" shows the cost of using strategies that yield less than the max. Even full pay strategy is not always the best. Dollar amounts shown on all pages are for quarter ($0.25) games only. You can now play video poker with bitcoins. You can register in poker sites and browse for bitcoin video poker games. If you do not know about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies check out,, that talks about a completely transparent trading application that uses a sophisticated AI technology to trade crypto CFDs.

Games Listed
Below are the groups that I have assembled. You will see that there are many variations of most games. :

All American (USA Poker)
Big Split
Bonus Games
Deuces Wild
Double Bonus
Double Double Bonus
Jacks or Better
Jokers Wild
Multi Strike
One Eyed Jacks
Pick'em (Pick-A_Pair)
Sequential Royal
Super Times Pay
Super Triple Play
Misc. Games

This Site is a Work in Progress!!!!

If there are pay schedules that you would like to see added please email me:
1. The full schedule.
2. The name of the game.
3. The name of casino that this game was found. :
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Full pay is not a clearly defined term. Full pay can mean games over 100% EV, games with the highest pay schedule commonly found, or the highest known pay schedule. The most common pay schedule discussed is 9/6. This is generally accepted as full pay for JB (Jacks or Better). Although this is generally accepted as full pay there are JB games with higher EV's than the classic 9/6 JB pay schedule.

Acronyms & Definitions
AA: All American Poker
BP: Bonus Poker
BPDlx: Bonus Poker Deluxe
CPH: Cost Per Hour
DB: Double Bonus
DDB: Double Double Bonus
DDJ: Double Double Jackpot
DW: Deuces Wild
EV: Expected Value (with perfect play)
FH: Full House
HPH: Hands per hour
JB: Jacks or better
JW: Joker Poker
Kicker: A 5th card that increases the value of quads
LD: Loose Deuces
NSUD: A variation of DW with 99.73% EV
RF: Royal Flush
SF: Straight Flush
VP: Video Poker